Besides ice rinks and products HockeyPractice also provides you with qualified services of different kind. Contact us if you want to discuss your needs with us and we will if possible provide you with support. The services we can offer is amongst other:

Plans and project

HockeyPractice in cooperation with our partners can help you with plans for your desired ice rink solution. We can help you with plans and suggestions for the smallest city square ice rink to the largest winter adventure park. We can design, calculate visitors flow through your ice park and visualizing of the suggested ice rink we, or you, suggest. Besides technical solutions for cooling the ice rink we also can calculate and suggest solutions for nice light and sound in your winter park. 

Ice track/rink design

We are sepcialised on rink design and can from you desires and needs suggest a ice rink solution that fulfill you needs. Simpler ice rink solutions are suggested without cost for you. Projection of more advanced winter park solutions can be offered by quotation.

Technical solutions

HockeyPractice can develop suggestions on how to design a colling- or heatingsystem for your sporting or amusement solution. Dimensioning, constructions, drawings and so on - we can provide you with everything you need for your project.