AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH

AST is one of the biggest ice buildning companies in the world with over 500 chilled ice rinks sold/rented in over 40 countries in the world. ASt has amongst other delivered an ice surface at 18 000 m2 to Gorkij park in Moscow. In 2018 AS and HockeyPractice became partners and HockeyPractice was given responsibilty for the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish markets.


Is our oldest and one of our most important partner. The comapny owned and runned by Jim Stoller and his family has developed a first class solution for backyard ice rink buildning with naturally frozen ice.

High quality and affordable products which has been developed during the past 30 years makes it easy to build your own backyard rink at an affordable cost.
With this rink building concept your rink will last longer than a normal made (water directly on the ground) ice rink. In Sweden a naturally froxzen ice rink will last iin the northern parts for 4-5 months, mid parts 3-4 months and in teh southern parts for 2-3 months.

Wasa Credit

Is our financing partner. Togehther with Wasa Credit can we offer different financing solutions for business clients in Sweden (not private persons). Wasa Credit is a daughter company to Länsförskringar Bank with over 30 years experience on the Swedish market.