HockeyPractice offers ice mat solutions with two differeent technologies - one solution is based on solutions with PEM tubes and the other with EPDM rubber tubes installed in a mat solution.


This solution is the most common solution in the nordic countries when buildning permanent ice surafces. The tubes are put in gravel och concrete. 

We are also using this solution in our mobile ice rink solutions - primarily due to a lower price compared to the EPDM mats. 


The EPDM mat system makes it easy to install and deinstall a cooling mat system which is perfect for mobile solutions. This is a perfect solution for rental and mobile ice rinks.

ICEPLUS & ICECONNECT - cooling mats, each mat is 2,5 m wide and the length can be varied from 15 to 30 meters. This slution are used for city square rinks, smaller ice rinks and similar. SKATEWAYS is built with EPDM tubes which makes it easier to built curves which is needed when building skateways. The skateway solution is built by 60 cm wide mats that can be up to 90 m long. This product is used for skateways, skate cross tracks but can also be used for building ice hockey rinks.